The following short films where shown from 26 October to 5 November:


Dir. Samantha Pineda Sierra
2011 | 11:30 min.
On the Day of the Dead, Leni, an old fisherman, uses photographs to fish his best memories out of the sea.

The Absent

Dir. José Lomas Hervert
2017 | 17:03 min.
Rafaelito is a seven-year-old musician who is put to the test by animating a wake with two companions in the Huasteca Potosina; the problem is that they only have three songs in their repertoire.


Giovana Zacarías
2014 | 15 min.
Ramona, an 84 year old lady, announces that she is ready to die. While her family makes arrangements, she changes her mind.

Rain in the Eyes

Dir. Rita Basulto
2013 | 9 min.
Sofia, a little girl of seven, remembers the day she fractured her arm while being chased through the forest; a story full of fantasy that hides a heart wrenching moment in Sofia's life.

You Are Not Dreaming with Me

Dir. Jorge Y. Leyva Robles
2015 | 14 min.
Tosni, a child of the Seri tribe, must complete the ritual that allows the soul of his mother transit to the afterlife. It´s no easy for him to let go.

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